You don't need to tout values of non-traditional or unique...

But, rather you need to show that we are every family.

Ya know what?

There's a lotta designers, illustrators, and visual STUFF out there:

It's time to be intentional and walk that walk you've been talkin'.

Representation matters. I'm all about it and my adopted baby boys are too!

Let's make this hap'n cap'n.

  • Practice what you preach

    No one likes a hyporcite and TBH, snitches get stitches. Let's subscribe to the ol' adage that a rising tide lifts all ships. Find me at the bow in full, "I'm king of the world!" style.

  • Inclusivity is all the rage

    Gone are the days of velvet ropes and secret passwords. Now is the time where more is merrier, in unity there's strength, and on Wednesday's we ALL wear pink.

  • Stand up for what's right

    Don't stick out for what's wrong. Instead blaze a trail with what's good: Love is love. Black lives matter. Feminism is for everyone. I love you and don't you forget it!

  • 01. Where's the brief?

    Get started with sharing all the deets related to the project. (NOTE: I will want to your fave Beyonce banger.) But let's cover the profesh goodies first. I can't wait to hear about what you have in the works!

  • 02. Undercook the onions

    Just like Kevin Malone a la the The Office, we can implement this pro tip as well. You dropped those deets. It's my turn to pick them up and run with 'em because everybody's gonna to get to know each other in the pot.

  • 03. Drool over these deliverables

    Just as Liz Lemon's mom squealed with pride, "They made this from words you wrote!" We will also create some magic. Can't you just picture the patterned products and items adorned with illustrations now?

  • Commission custom repeating patterns or illustrations
    (or select from my existing work).

“Jessica is a very innovative and creative problem solver."

She has been a privilege to work with and brainstorm on future opportunities.

- Lesley H.

Jessica Headshot

Hey there, sister friend, I'm Jessica!

Pattern Designer & Illustrator

I'm an artist who's got a passion for partnering with gosh darn good people doing great things. I've got big hair and bigger dreams. Having navigated the adoption process resulting in two beautiful, smart, brave baby boys, I can say with confidence that like everyone else, they deserve to see themselves represented in the world. Let's make this a reality. Let's make it the norm. Are you with me?!

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We started at the top, now we're here. The last thing you want to be is insensitive and tone deaf, but the next to last thing you want to be is BORING and to blend in. Shop ALL the goodies at The Willits Way to make sure you're flyer than the rest of 'em. But don't forget to tell your friends, bc sharing is caring, obvi!

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"Jessica is driven, innovative, technical, and smart."

Simply put, she really gets it and is a great addition to the team to take our work to the next level.

- David M.

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