World's Colliding

Remember back in grade school when you would spot a teacher in the wild, perhaps without the war paint on, different clothing than you were used to seeing, and even a messy bun before messy buns were a thing? With shock and awe, personally, I would avoid them at all costs, but maybe you were the type of kiddo that would race past the produce section and accost Mrs. Appleberry by sharing your completely fabricated weekend plans. Your grown up chases after you, with apologies flying out of their mouth left and right. That my friends, is an example of World’s Colliding.



Back in February 2022 Times, I enrolled in a class from a little known Surface Pattern Designer named Bonnie Christine and it quite literally changed the trajectory of my life - The little Turkish spark that lit this fire will be shared another time. The story this time is reserved for my gal pal, Krystal of Ray & Wren. Our Internet friendship blossomed from not only a love of repeating patterns, but also a “dislike” of too many florals, adoring Schitt’s Creek, an affinity for Star Wars, always sharing a snarky undertone, and SO MUCH MORE.



We have been counting down the days for when this long distance relationship can take a big leap… to IRL! My sista and I finally had the chance to meet up this past weekend and nothing would stop us - not even SNOW! 


Upon arrival at our Starby’s meeting place, I pulled up in my little sedan into the parking spot next to what I was hoping was the Ray & Wren mobile and waved like a total goof (totally on brand). We held hands and skipped inside! (Not really, but next time!) 


Did you know, “Female friendships are SO important!” I am so thankful for this connection, everything we have been able to share, and everything Krystal is doing (including her Pomodoro groups - Join in! It’s so much fun!

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  • Overlooked occasions better watch out - Everyone's gonna be feeling the love ❤️

  • Drop them deets, baby boo! I'll see you inside the guide 😉