The Sweetest Summer Yet

It’s the second week of summer break around here. While week one was complete chaos, I’ve found some zen (thanks to some handy helpers) and a dollop of gratitude. Schedules change, seasons change, and needs change, but the people that hang around are what really matter. It becomes more and more apparent to me every day. That’s why, despite the challenges that may arise, I’ve decided that this is the sweetest summer yet!

It’s the first summer that I’ve had both of my boys, my skin babies, the Brothers Willits! It’s an amazing feeling. Every night my husband and I chat about how we have the best kiddos on the planet. Even though no one in the house sleeps or we all end up in one bed, pups included - it’s all or nothin’!

Sometimes a sleepless night means we oversleep in the morning. Then, we gotta boogie to get big bro ready for camp and li’l bro up, fed, and in the car! Or, a sleepless night means mama is able to burn some midnight oil, cash in on some billable hours, and ride that caffeine wave until it crashes! It’s all good, baby boo. No stress in this nest. Each day has been different than the last. I don’t even know what an “ideal” week means anymore and I’m OK with it.

In fact, my entire working schedule has changed based on my preschooler. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being able to chauffeur him around is valuable time together that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Guess what we saw today! A firetruck… with the lights on! And an ambulance and a fire chief!

I’m so freaking lucky, fortunate, grateful, [insert all the words here] to live the life I live. My husband works a hybrid-remote job. I work remotely as well as freelance. Our parents live close by and get to hang with our boys all the time. Y’all don’t even know about our awesome neighbors and friends - unless you’re one of ‘em! How could this not be the sweetest summer yet? Just keeps getting better and better! As long as I’ve got my husband, kiddos, and fur babies we are going to be quite alright. What are you looking forward to this summer? Who will you spend time with?

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