My Girlfriend's Back

One of the (many) things I took for granted during the college years was that all my friends lived just steps away. After graduation and beyond, jobs, relationships, family, etc began to pull everyone in all directions across the globe - No shame in that game (though I’ve been known to ask everyone to move back on an almost daily basis). While I’m still lovingly putting this pressure on a select few, one of my ducklings has returned home, my Mal gal!



We have talked about her return at length over the years - Where we’ll go, what we’ll do, our creative endeavors, ALL THE PLANS. Now that she’s back, we began with a little coffee date. It was perfect!


Starting with hugs all around and a tour of her AMAZING new home, I couldn’t believe how long Mallory’s hair was! A minor detail, but she has these stunning red locks that cascaded down her shoulders! Her studio was filled with boxes, but I can only imagine what she will turn the space into. This girl is an ARTIST in every form of the word. I am in true awe of her talent. 



With our blueberry-lavender and salted caramel lattes, we also enjoyed a ginormous cinnamon roll and feta and spinach croissant-ish thing. So delish! Mallory showed me her nature journals with the most beautiful drawings and pressed flowers. We picked up the chit-chat like no time had passed. 


She is such a dear friend and I love her so much! I can’t imagine getting through 7:30am Mon-Fri Intro Design classes without her. She sends me gifs and ridiculous texts when I need them most. And she’s even there when I need to cry in a sushi restaurant. I’m so glad she’s back!

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