Sun's Out

It’s midmorning as I sit at my tiny desk next to the window from the corner of our master bedroom and type this. I’m not usually here during this time of day. I don’t usually witness the strong beams of light peering through the window. Those rays feel warm and cozy, but I must draw the shade allowing this backlit screen to do its thing as my fingers dance around the keys. I can now see the outline of a white page and little squiggles, slowly presenting themselves as letters, then words, then paragraphs.

The sun is out, thus the bun is out - SHEESH! My top knot, ya dang ass freak! I rock long sleeved sweaters and yoga pants year-round. #athleisure4life Nevertheless, it’s a new month and (I think) finally spring here in the midwest or maybe we just jumped ahead to summer. My (very woo woo) vision board is complete. Whether it’s the result of Lady Universe, that good ol’ “Law of Attraction,” perhaps some very real blood, sweat, and tears - or maybe a combo of all three - things are happening!

I’m almost feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities, but that's when the project manager in me comes alive… Operation Organization: Engage! Spreadsheets are generating, calendars are populating, and lists are being checked off. I am where I'm supposed to be. I trust myself. I’m making things happen.

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  • Overlooked occasions better watch out - Everyone's gonna be feeling the love ❤️

  • Drop them deets, baby boo! I'll see you inside the guide 😉