Thirty six years - It had been thirty six years. I knew because I had to do the math. I couldn’t just rattle the numbers off of the top of my head. I DIDN’T KNOW HOW OLD I WAS ANYMORE. 🤦‍♀️

But that’s beside the point. I must look like a would-be spinster, thorn back, or I guess doom witch if you will. Yes, I have allowed a global pandemic to age me via adoption of stretchy yoga pants as a second skin, stress ingesting way too many cheesy chips (a.k.a. the lifeblood of toddlers), and declining the daily clown paint society has deemed acceptable, nay mandatory for the female gender.

In addition, I am now a proud member of the Silver Fox Society and have been for several years (though previously in balayage highlighted hiding). And people DO make passes at others who wear glasses!

All of this to say… To the homie who “ma’am-ed” me the other day at the check out at Market District - I realize that I’m closer to double your age than I originally anticipated, but there was no need! Age is but a number, bro. You figuratively hit me right in my pre-osteoporotic bones and pre-arthritic joints! To forget is to forgive, and I know I will never forget. 💀

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  • Overlooked occasions better watch out - Everyone's gonna be feeling the love ❤️

  • Drop them deets, baby boo! I'll see you inside the guide 😉