Slow Your Roll

Leaving in a huff I decided not to take it out on the lab tech. It’s not her fault. It’s not her fault the system is THE WOOORRRSSSTTTT (cue my best Jean Ralphio impersonation). It’s not her fault that I made arrangements for my son and took time off of my working hours so that she would be unable to find tests that my doctor ordered.

I left a voicemail for my MD (Kids - Voicemails are a technology of yesterday where you pick up the supercomputer from your pocket and attempt talk to another human with your voice - not fingertips - but when recipient doesn’t answer, you leave a TikTok, but with no video. Get it, got it, good?)

Here’s another history lesson! My labs had to be FAXED over to the lab (FACEPALM) - That’s like if snail mail and email had a super inefficient baby. Anyway, an hour plus later, I’m back in the waiting room awaiting a blood test. Thank goodness Hulu came out with that series, I don’t have enough characters to go into Theranos! LOLZ.

All of this to say, there’s no added blame in this tea that I spill. Whenever I take on too much, try to do too much, etc - the universe has a way of slowing things down and putting me in check. In no way am I saying that our healthcare system inefficiencies are excusable - NO EFFING WAY, but in this instance, I’ll take a few extra quiet moments to myself.

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