Puppy Chase

My prized pup had been silent whining from bed for the last couple of minutes. What’s up, my baby boo? Thinking she may need to take care of business, we headed downstairs to the front door. You see, the skies had considered some sort of precipitation this morning and this malti-mix DOES NOT mess with rain drops attempting to touch her poodle paws, so any “morning biz” was out of the question.

It was now close to double digits in the PM and nearing the witching hour when my creative juices start flowing with reckless abandon. This doodle break needed to be snappy! We neared the stairs and I had a flashback to falling, but that’s for another LOL-ing time… As soon as I opened the door, that pup bounced. She was off!

Let me just say, her usual routine is to: 1) Do a #1 in the closer part of the yard and promptly return to the indoors where the most civilized doodle pies reside, or 2) Head to the corner of OUR yard for well… a #2. This time was different. She GONE GIRL.

I chased after her whisper-yelling her name (of course not to wake the neighbors) in my leopard print knee length cardigan + faux leopard slippies (quite a sight to see). It’s called power clashing, but this isn’t about me! My soul pup dashed to the corner lot to drop a doodle in the midnight hours while I sought after her on foot. Ultimately, we made it home. I’m still on an adrenaline high as I describe the whole event to my husband.

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