New Habit

Something new has been happening around here lately… While I’ll get to that, something not so new is that no one has regularly slept through the night for almost three years (but I wouldn’t trade it for the world - BRING ON DA BABIES!) - We did have a brief, sweet “sleep relief” for a few weeks. But things are always changing!

Now we have a sort of gremlin-like visitor each night, which I lead back to his quarters and we drift back to slumber (hopefully… on a good night!). Here’s the kicker / new skill we are dealing with - opening door knobs along with a new sleep schedule. All of this means an unpredictable morning for Mama! And to that, I will forever say… I wouldn’t trade it for the world - BRING ON DA BABIES!

However! My vision board doesn’t quite feel the same. I end up staying up LATE during my “guaranteed” time to GTD (that’s “get things done” if you’re not in the know!) and that in turn makes me tired for the next day… You see the vicious cycle? Things work themselves out and I am soaking up every moment. Lady Universe has a way about herself! This is merely an attempt to vocalize that aforementioned vision board and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! (Ahem… art licensing, book writing, and BRING ON DA BABIES!)

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