Neighborly Love


I never could have imagined the love and support that we have been able to accumulate from the surrounding families in our sweet little hood here in the Midwest. About four years ago when we moved in, my husband and I wrote a letter to the seller with our aspirations for the house including expanding our family and raising children here with our parents nearby for all of the fun grandparent stuff. It’s not always easy, but it’s a joy to work towards those goals as a crew. Yeah, we roll deep.



I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, whether we know it or not. One of the many reasons we landed here is due to the lovely preschool teacher across the street. She is a true neighbor, mentor, friend, and caregiver for my baby boy. Our lives share so many parallels and we continue to bond in new ways - including surface pattern design!


When I shared my surface pattern passions with my neighbor, she couldn’t wait to hear more! And I couldn’t stop the verbal vomit - It was a perfect match! At the neighborhood garage sale we swapped business ideas and Cri-cut patterns. She even promoted my Child’s Play custom design work to each and every family at the preschool before Mother’s Day! Now it’s my turn to return the favor: My neighbor recently became a “Grammie” herself and she proudly walked over with hand and footprints for me to work into a custom repeating pattern for gifts for her son and daughter-in-law! I. CANNOT. WAIT. What’s your crew like? Who supports you? Who lifts you up?
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  • Overlooked occasions better watch out - Everyone's gonna be feeling the love ❤️

  • Drop them deets, baby boo! I'll see you inside the guide 😉