Memorable Mani's


I painted my nails for the first time in I don’t even know how long. Baby boy noticed and couldn’t stop talking be how pretty they were! That made me smile in every way. I asked if he wanted his nails painted, of course the answer was YES. We both couldn't wait! Tonight's the night, bud. :) 



He decided on silver, to match Grammy’s car. These moments likely mean more to me than him, but I’m forever grateful to be able to bond with him and share common hobbies even if they are the fleeting interests of a toddler. I was able to see his eyes light up as his finger nail changed color and view the beauty of the world through his perspective.

I want to encourage every interest, emotion, and even every little flicker of creativity in this kiddo! Who knows what will stick or not, but as a mama I take pride in impromptu dance parties, custom “thank you” note masterpieces, and now our very own mani-pedi salon sessions! 



This sweet (and forever perfect - Let's be honest) child's expression of true interest and creative passion hit me like a breath of fresh air and as I read this anecdote over and over, I continue to feel lighter! It's a joy to be involved in a creative process, whether its your own, a loved one's, or simply a soon-to-be friend from the Internet. Will you join me in a creative journey? What's next on your artsy to-do list?

P.S. - My mani was promised to last up to 14 days and two nails have already been sacrificed to the gel polish overlords. Baby boy's adornment didn't stand a chance between day camps, swimming pools, and finger paints. But we fret not - It just means we get more time together on the reg!

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  • Overlooked occasions better watch out - Everyone's gonna be feeling the love ❤️

  • Drop them deets, baby boo! I'll see you inside the guide 😉