Little Swim

As a parent, guardian, caregiver, auntie, or the like, you want THE BEST for your skin baby, fur baby, plantey, etc. These children I speak of all become varying levels of self sufficient at different rates and times. For instance, my plant BAE is still working on sustaining life via Mother Gaia’s liquid of choice (Let’s go, Boo Boo!) and HQ, my poodle sis, has mastered extrasensory perception (YAS, baby girl, SAME WAVE LENGTH!) In my book, there’s no shame when it comes to the parenting game.

Baby boy wants to sit on my stomach while I crab walk around the toddler gym? Hop on! Matching T-shirts for your Bday party? In the name of love, I’m proud to rock duds adorned with Mia, Jacus, Daisy, and Incy! (DEEP BREATH) Swimming lessons? WOOF. 

Let’s put 35 years of self loathing and body shaming aside! Mama needs to drop 30+ elle bees, get a full body wax… Do the Kardashians make waterproof waist trainers? Has the time come? Is the universe calling? No, that's the swim school. They left 2 voicemails this week.

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  • Overlooked occasions better watch out - Everyone's gonna be feeling the love ❤️

  • Drop them deets, baby boo! I'll see you inside the guide 😉