Input, Output

It’s like what you ingest affects how you feel, how you act, and your overall well being. Huh… Let’s reverse engineer this a ‘lil. My overly lethargic amorphous blob of khaki bod shoved into yet another pair of black “yoga” pants, a slightly tight t-shirt, and only-to-be-worn-at-home-sweater is a direct result of the skipped exercise sessions, added chemicals and ingredients, and extra tater tots “in case baby boy wants them.” Interesting… If the 90’s taught me ANYTHING… It’s that super sizing is EVERYTHING. (Except for Polly Pocket, obvi)

It’s like being left unsatisfied by eating a sensible dinner, dashing to the gas station for a candy run, and then shame eating a Nerds rope on the way home was a bad thing. But that dopamine was at an all time high, baby! I’m not addicted. Oh, wait what? That’s… No, that’s different… This is SUGAR. It's a white, powdery…

I digress, as one does! Let’s just say for us this instant sugar high stops now - or as soon as this bender wears off. This household is going FULL TILT - Frannie, Bailey, & Kip (if you know what I mean #WordParty4LIFE - At least that’s what my tattoo says). No more living through Lulu - We can’t hang. We truly cannot live on noodles and cupcakes alone.

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