Grace in Chaos

In the realm of chaos, her life unfolds,
A woman with burdens, stories untold.
Frazzled and stressed, by work's heavy weight,
And family demands, leaving her fate.

Sleep-deprived from the babies of the night,
She battles exhaustion with all her might.
Pulled in all directions, stretched thin and wide,
Her heart seeks solace, a peaceful stride.

But amidst the chaos, her spirit remains,
A friend like family, with love in her veins.
In her eyes, weariness dances unseen,
Yet a smile on her face, forever serene.

Let's give her grace, this woman so dear,
Extend patience and kindness, with an open ear.
For her troubles and struggles, we may not know,
Yet we'll stand by her side, through highs and lows.

When she cancels plans or seems distant and lost,
Remember the battles she's silently fought.
She carries burdens we cannot conceive,
And behind her eyes, worlds we can't perceive.

Like a sister, a confidante, a guiding light,
We'll cherish her presence, hold her close, tight.
For family transcends mere blood or kin,
And in her storm, our loyalty will begin.

So let's treat her with love, tender and true,
For she's more than a friend, she's family too.
With understanding hearts, let's gently embrace,
And offer her solace, in life's hectic chase.

In her weary footsteps, let's walk a while,
With empathy and compassion, we'll reconcile.
For beneath her façade, the battles she fights,
Deserve our compassion, on dark and bright nights.

So let's give her grace, our friend, sister, and more,
For her struggles unseen, we can't ignore.
In the tapestry of life, her threads intertwine,
And with love and support, we'll help her shine.
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