Feeling the Fall Vibes


It finally happened. Fall has arrived. I’m feeling some chilly temps. I’ve swapped my summer pants and long sleeves for those of the fall. It’s warm drink and candle time… Well… different warms drinks and candles! Those autumnal colors just heat my heart. Rather than just internally feeling all of the feels, this year since I’m totes remote / WFH (praise Kabbalah monster), I’m going to up my game! I’m talking my very own Oprah’s Fave Things for a fall work from home utopia!

Here’s a disclaimer: Ya don’t need some super fab home office either! I’ve claimed a corner of our primary bedroom. It serves the purpose and it’s perfect for now. The best part… It’s mine and no one else can have it!



First things first, I MUST have a great palette to perform upon. I’m usually a spiral bound babe, but how about a layflat with a velvety smooth softcover? How luxurious does that sound?! I love the copper vibes from the Wild Mushrooms cover and DOT GRID, obvi. If you are feeling the feels too, save some shekels with code: thewillitsway

I am a true believer in these things. A discovery I made, sheesh, maybe 5 years ago, I’ve been a ride or die for these tiny miracle workers. They aren’t the little grimy pens of yesteryear a la 4th grade, leaving blue smudges and crumbles everywhere. Nah, this leaves a crispy clear, like there was nothing there, non-eraser mark. What’s even better is the amount of point sizes and… INK COLORS (AND HIGHLIGHTERS)! Oh my! I can’t wait for my set of burgundy babies to arrive to really set my fall vibes.


I have a tendency to be cold regardless of season, hence my year round pants and long sleeves, so some slippies are definitely warranted. I own these in gray and they are the perfect complement to everything, especially cold tootsies! BUT, this brown color is calling my name too - The way it blends with the richness of the burgundy pens and copper foil of the notebook. Matching footwear to office accessories is totally normal, right?


Gotta have my coffee! Amazon just told me I have bought this 19x! But think of all the money I have saved by brewing at home :) Regardless, I think you can find Altissio Espresso pumping through my veins (with a dash of frothed almond milk). What more can I say? Oh ya, YUM!


*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.




Can you imagine these well intentioned fall mornings? Everyone sleeps through the night. I wake up early for some cozy coffee and journal time. It was all a dream! The mornings can be absolute chaos, but I do find pockets of time throughout the day and these office supplies and accessories are here for me. #treatyoself How do you gear up for each season? What are some of your favorite items or accessories? Any tips or tricks to survive the AM chaos?

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