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It’s truly a privilege to be a part of Stacie Bloomfield’s Creative Powerhouse Society and a member of a Peer Group. My crew is establishing a cadence for meeting as well as still getting to know each other. TBH, I’m enjoying every minute! In our most recent call, we shared about our creative workspaces - dust, clutter, and all! Please find a recap below. (Names have been changed to protect the fabulous.) 


Hello lovely groupies!

How amazing was it to connect this morning!? Frank, Larry, & I had a wonderful chat! It made me forget that I've been up since 4:40 with a wiggly threenager :) I am totally fulfilled and feeling CREATIVE! Thank you lovely ladies for making my day!

We started the call with a bit of intros and shared our workspaces - SPOILER ALERT - We are all a mess and works in progress! Nothing is perfect and we squeeze in where we can, whether it be a spare bedroom, kicking those grown up kiddos to the basement, or even stealing a corner of the primary bedroom! In true Tim Gunn form, we MAKE IT WORK!

We also share the common thread of a non-linear creative and artistic journey - from art school, to professional lives, becoming mothers, and back to art, then back to work! It's a long winding journey that never ends and makes us better for it. 

Frank and Larry thrive and excel in the physical means of fine art, while I dive deep into digital endeavours. We have a lot to learn from each other. We even discussed the different possibilities of POD products and how to elevate different brands based on the products you could provide (ex: a generic coffee mug vs a calendar on thick matte paper). The possibilities are endless!

We have another call planned in a month, but please let the group know if we want to chat sooner! And please do respond to this email or the other one with your phone number to be added to the WhatsApp group to keep the convo going! Can't wait to continue this fun adventure with you!


We have already started texting and chatting ON. THE. REG. I am so HYPED to keep up with the convo and share our creative victories as well as challenges. Let’s go galz!

Do you have a creative crew you depend on? How do you keep yourself motivated and continuing to tackle at least one thing a day!?
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