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Often a morning routine sets intention for the day, whether it be setting aside time to write, reflect, or meditate - WHO AM I KIDDING?! If you have skin babies, fur babies, or are merely making it through each sunrise to sunset by the skin of your teeth, who has a moment to do anything in the AM other than scrape themselves out of bed, brush those aforementioned outside bones, and scrub-a-dub your mug (plus apply some of you fave rosehip oil, obvi)? Oh - there’s one thing I forgot, the lifeblood of our kind, the java juice that keeps us going, that richly roasted, caffeinated brew, bro. Let’s hear it for: But first, Coffee, Spill the Beans, and last but not least, Celestial Spills. Love these looks? Click the links to make these patterns a part of your morning ritual.



Gotta have my coffee. Not before my coffee! Those caffeine-less creatures walking among us blow my mind. Do they know what they’re missing out on? Not only do they not have all these goodies coursing through their veins, but how about this for some FOMO - the aromatic coffee shops, the free Wi-Fi with “clever” passwords, the missed convos with strangers, a puppo here and there, and as far as I’m concerned an “eternal fad” known as latte art. You do you, sister friend. Grab your extra large, double whatever. You deserve it. 



We are not crying over any spilled beans as they are dropping straight into that grinder - ya heard!? These somehow simultaneously sharp and smooth coffee beans, roasted to absolute perfection, tumble over and over each other almost sounding like rain as they slip out of a hard and scratchy burlap bag and onto the spiraling and spinning blades, but of course, of a burr grinder. I can hear and smell it now… Oh, you too? We’re just moments away from FIRST SIP where we inevitably burn our tongue. #worthit



Ouch! That hurt, but again totes worth it! The crema, the froth, and the richness abound did not prepare us for those intense temps to follow! Jolted from our caffeinated daydream, we yank that mug away from our mug and splashes ensue. The drips drip and drops drop. Coffee rings are created. It’s OK though. #Tooblessedtostress, my friends. Unintentional patterns of shooting stars, planets, and moons grace us with their presence. We are in a trance as we trace the table cloth with our fingertips, feeling the change in textures as we move from wet coffee to dry linen. It’s time for another cup.




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