Artistic Innocence

It’s 7:30 am on Sunday and I’m sitting at the kitchen table watching my threenager paint like a fiend, having the time of his life. We’ve fit more in the last hour and a half than I do into most full days, but his energy and curiosity are boundless. He loves to paint and those paint sticks are every caregiver’s dream.



Oh yes, paint sticks! These bad boys glide effortlessly over glossy or matte paper and dry almost instantly all the while delivering a super pigmented swath of color to the page. Fun for every tot and clean up is a breeze for every parent, aunt/uncle, teacher, Grammy or Gramps?

Here are some of the faves among our household - 

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 My toddler often asks me to draw shapes, numbers, or letters, but just this week, he has started drawing and painting “Mama” and “Pops” and other friends and family members. These blobs are the most precious things I’ve ever seen. When I try to appease him by drawing my version, the entire page is ruined by a terrible stick figure or worse an actual overly thought out attempt of a human figure. He doesn’t seem to mind, but I’m instantly too critical of myself. 



This kiddo and children in general teach me so much. They are not just naive, but innocent and kind; not just energetic (to no end), but curious and inquisitive; not just emotional, but empathetic and honest. These life lessons are priceless and have informed me that I need to be easier on myself as a mom, wife, and overall human. Do I realize this? Yes. But have I truly processed and implemented it? Nah. That’s for another day. Today, we paint!
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