A Creative Challenge

In the recent past, I have SOMEHOW let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies. A new daily mantra in the rotation is “Done is better than perfect.” I’m sure that Stacie’s recommendation for implementation (a major factor in holding creative business owners back) as well as “One thing a day” (a tasty tidbit I picked up from Bonnie) are both nudging me along the path too. This incremental progress has been enlightening, but I find myself willing to try new things too. How fun!


Whilst doom scrolling through Instagram the other night, I spied some of the most beautiful floral arrangements EVER! So perfect, they looked eternal. OMG, the vendor was hosting a workshop… at a coffee shop… and I know the owners! This was all a sign from the almighty Beyonce! I signed up and am counting down the days to Oct 1!

Are you interested too? I would love for you to join me.


Here’s the link for more info:

Indiana Paper Company Workshops


This stuff is so legit! Take a peek: 


Cool, so you are totes obsessed like me now, right!?

And, you know what? This workshop is hosted at Helm Coffee Roasters! Not only is coffee the bomb for com, but the owners of this spot are too! In fact we adore them! I can’t wait to learn awesome things, drink awesome drinks, and support awesome people. 

Are you learning anything new? Attending any workshops online or IRL? Connecting with your small business or artistic community? Spill the beans!

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